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Anxiety - Depression - Anger - Sleep - Relationship

Anthony Santen

I have been a counsellor in private practice since 2006. Providing marriage counselling, individual counselling and life-transition coaching (helping people through difficult times in their lives) with a strong Integrative Psychodynamic Humanistic Existential focus called Dialectic Therapy.
For marriage counselling I specialize in divorce prevention and recovering from infidelity.
For individual counselling I specialize in counselling for depression, anxiety, sleep (insomnia), relationships and anger. More...

Session cost is the #1 barrier to psychotherapy.

I make psychotherapy and coaching available for individuals and couples who need low-cost counselling options.

Affordable Counselling Offers

Marriage counselling, individual counselling, and life-transition coaching. Helping people who are dealing with anxiety, depression, anger, relationship and related mental health issues. 

I started affordable counselling in Toronto and expanded it to Prince Edward County in a response to a need for counselling for individuals, couples and families who have no access to full-fee counselling due to financial constraints.

From $60 per hour (incl. taxes) based on your financial situation.

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