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Individual Counselling

Prince Edward County

Life can be challenging and is often stressful. You may experience those challenges in a number of different ways: difficulties adjusting, confusion about direction/motivation in life, struggles in relationships etc. As a result you may feel anxious, depressed, angry or overwhelmed at times and need a better viewpoint to deal with those feelings and problems.

Support and advice from friends and family can be helpful but in some cases you need more clarity than they are able to provide. Professional counselling is a process that can help you identify more effective strategies to cope with these situations and to achieve clarity about your goals. If you have chronic emotional difficulties you may be referred to a psychotherapist or psychiatrist for further evaluation. Most people come to Affordable Counselling to talk about normal life events and benefit from someone who can be an objective confidant and facilitator - someone who doesn't judge and who is trained to help you see effective ways of approaching your issues.

Individual counselling is a collaboration between you and your counsellor. Our approach is to provide an open, supportive, and confidential environment for you to address the issues that are concerning you.

Affordable Counselling Prince Edward County