Marriage Counselling is not available through this system at this time.

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Marriage Counselling

Transform your relationship into a rewarding partnership with Marriage Counselling!

  • Are you struggling to get back what you put into your marriage?
  • Is the bliss becoming a chore?
  • Does your partner know what you need?
  • Do you know what your partner needs?
  • Have you considered divorce?
  • Are you considering cheating your marriage?

Marriage counselling is the tool you need to create a functioning and fulfilling marriage/partnership for you both. Not all marriage counsellors use the same approach, you need to find the counselling that gets you where you want to go.

Using our unique approach using coaching and strategic intervention techniques, we use a different approach than traditional relationship therapy where the couple ends up complaining about the relationship rather than working towards a clear, positive and fulfilling connection between two adults. Together we create a working environment where both partners can communicate openly about difficult issues and feel accepted, respected and heard.

When you work with me (alone or with your partner) I keep you focused on creating solutions that work for you and are in harmony with your personalities and how you want your relationship to be. This is a time-proven approach that brings people together and takes them to a safe, loving, respectful understanding of each other and the relationship.

My approach encourages rapid change that keeps you motivated and is comprehensive enough so you can continue to work together in the future without the ongoing need of a therapist.

Affordable Counselling in Toronto provides low cost counselling for eligible individuals and couples in Toronto. This service is provided for low income families and individuals who have financial difficulties. Our budget therapy is provided at a discounted rate.
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