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Affordable Counselling Toronto is provided by multiple counsellors in Toronto (from different locations) and funded in part by Counselling In, a Goo Fusion Corp. company.

All counselling appointments are scheduled online.

To change or cancel an appointment, please look in your email for your appointment confirmation (From:

Please check the address of the counsellor you are booking BEFORE you book the appointment!

Telephone (voicemail): (647) 558-7468 (Please use this number only in emergencies - to remain affordable, please send all enquiries in an email to: )


Please enquire (leave a message on the phone) about wheelchair accessibility BEFORE booking a counselling appointment online - some of us are also available through Skype

I'm a counsellor and wish to join Affordable Counselling to provide my services.

Affordable Counselling in Toronto provides low cost counselling for eligible individuals and couples in Toronto. This service is provided for low income families and individuals who have financial difficulties. Our budget therapy is provided at a discounted rate.
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