Sponsored, Affordable Counselling in Toronto

Eligibility criteria for Low Cost Counselling

This low-cost counselling service is sponsored by Goo Fusion Corp. and Counselling in Toronto.com and provided by Anthony Santen SAC-Dip (Adv. Psychotherapy) MCH CLC NLP. Low cost Counselling service is available for individuals and couples who are in need of low cost counselling services providing advice, coaching, awareness, spiritual counselling and healing.

Proof of eligibility may be requested on the first (intake) session to qualify for the sponsored rate of $48 p/h incl. all taxes.

Please provide one of the following:

Low Income Family

Student / Youth

  • Proof of age (under 18) - Under 16 requires parental consent.
  • Proof of enrollment (for the current year) in an Ontario Accredited Institution (on this list).
  • Proof of OSAP

ODSP, OW, OAS recipient

  • Proof of ODSP (Ontario Disability Support Program)
  • Proof of OW (Ontario Works)
  • Proof of OAS (Old Age Security)

Temporary Canadian Visa [visitor]

  • Temporary Visa Stamp in foreign passport (Tourist, Student, Work, etc.)
  • Proof of residence outside of Canada, PLUS proof of return flight.


Please provide details for us to evaluate your eligibility for sponsored, affordable counselling

For individuals and couples seeking counselling in Toronto but who do not qualify for the sponsored rate, please enquire at: www.counsellingintoronto.com for affordable, sliding-scale counselling or look at Mio Yokoi 's web site. Her list includes Student Clinic services provided by Schools of Psychotherapy

Affordable Counselling in Toronto provides low cost counselling for eligible individuals and couples in Toronto (West). This service is provided for low income families and individuals who have financial difficulties. Our budget therapy is provided at a discounted rate, sponsored by Goo Fusion Corp.
Cash or Credit Card payment only. Terms of Service